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The Solar Air aerobic sewage treatment system is an extended aeration activated sludge process. This type of treatment depends primarily on the use of air that is introduced into the wastewater from your home as soon as it enters the treatment unit. When air is introduced, it promotes the growth of organisms that break down the organic solids. The introduction of air into wastewater is called aeration. Aeration provides dissolved oxygen that mixes with the wastewater promoting and sustaining the organisms or bacteria that breakdown the organic solids that enter the treatment plant.

The Solar Air Treatment System is in many ways a smaller version of township or municipality treatment plants. Solar Air offers a 3 stage aerobic system in 4 models.

SA - 500 GPD
SA - 800 GPD
SA-1000 GPD
SA-1200 GPD

Solar Air also offers a unique 5 stage, one piece aerobic system, The SATXN-500 GPD. The smallest & lightest one piece unit on the market.

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